Services: Map Designs

Strand’s industry leading Site Replicator redefines the way physical floor plans are utilized by replicating key mapping elements and placing them into a customized, consistent image. Rather than PDFs or large graphics, Strand utilizes PNG or SVG files to maximize system performance. Real time images are viewed in conjunction with strategically placed camera icons to better acclimate the viewer to the mapped environment.

  • Users are able to visually justify their location through standardized mapping formats allowing for consistent, site-to-site, representation.
  • Camera icons allow users to quickly identify camera type and position.
  • Real-time snapshot camera images can be accessed quickly allowing users to preview full image representation.
  • Maps are created as scalable vector graphics minimizing file sizes for quick downloads.
  • Site maps are easily customized with emergency contact information, distinguishing landmarks and directional signage.
  • Highlighted overlays simplify viewing congested camera locations.

Strand offers the map design service complimentary with many of our software purchases.

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