Support Services

Support Services: Overview

Commitment to Superior Service and Support

Strand offers uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Strand understands that customer support starts before the after-sale process. Strand provides its industry partners with information packets, industry white papers and personal support to educate end users on the IP Video Surveillance market and how Strand can make a difference in their environment.

Support Service Includes:

  • Periodic remote software updates
  • Technical phone support
  • On-site support*
  • Quarterly web seminar
  • Reliable, fast, expert advice

Strand offers annual renewals of Service and Support agreements. Multi-year agreements are available at a reduced fee.
Strand emphasizes customer care in every aspect of business. We strive to create software with powerful capabilities and to make these capabilities easy to navigate and utilize. Furthermore, we want to help our customers understand how our product can help maximize the efficiency of their enterprise.

Contact Strand at 312.997.5998 or email us at

Support Services: Products

Strand Support is unrivaled in the industry. From the installation of the software to End User training and support, Strand Support initiatives are in place to ensure total customer satisfaction.

Strandís extensive resources reach far beyond what is traditionally offered by the competition. Strandís professional services assist you in optimizing business performance.


  • S-SRVSPT - Strand Software Service and Support
  • S-STRMAP - Strand Customized Map
  • S-WEBTRNG - Basic Web Integration/End User Training
  • S-TRNING - Strand On-Site End User Software Training
  • S-INTGR - Strand On-Site Integration Training
  • S-PRECONFIG16 - Strand Server Pre-configuration - Maximum 16 Camera Configuration Included
  • S-PRECONFIG32 - Strand Server Pre-configuration - Maximum 32 Camera Configuration Indluded
  • S-PRECONFIG64 - Strand Server Pre-configuration - Maximum 64 Camera Configuration Included
  • S-PRECONFIG65+ - Strand Server Pre-configuration - 65+ Camera Configuration Included

Support Services: Benefits

  • Priority Scheduling for new installations
  • First in line support given to all annual S&S customers
  • Remote technical support between normal business hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends
  • Promptly repair or replace (at our option and expense) any failure of the Strand Software to conform to or perform according to the manufacturerís specifications
  • Replacement Software if Strand is unable to repair the Software after a reasonable number of attempts
  • After receiving notification, Strand will use best efforts to have a technician working on the software within twenty-four (24) hours during normal business hours.
  • One Annual major release software upgrade
  • Remote Software Upgrade Support (within 30 days of release option)
  • Web based software upgrade training (within 30 days of release option)
  • Periodic minor release upgrades
  • User Group Experience Annual membership option
  • Periodic Remote Strand System Assessment option