Strand IP video: Strand System Compatibility

Strand Software Features NVR Core Series NVR Professional Series NVR Enterprise Series

Multiple server per system X X X
Centralized management X X X
Satellite Navigator Compatible X X X
Live Video Capture
Max cameras / devices Scalable Scalable Scalable
Live view speed (30+ FPS) X X X
Megapixel support X X X
Video Processing
Input / output and event control X X X
Motion detection X X X
Video to Database
Archiving schedules Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Archiving to network X X X
MJPEG recording capacity per device per day Scalable Scalable Scalable
Camera Control and View
Live view & playback X X X
PTZ patrolling and scanning X X X
Matrix Emulator X X X
Bookmarks X X X
Express Search X X X
Maps X X X
Access Clients
Max number of clients Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Evidence Export
Motion / sequence search X X X
Export to MJPEG X X X
Stand-alone viewer X X X
Password protect / encryption X X X
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