Strand Chronology Storage™

Strand’s highly developed Chronology Storage™ data management architecture utilizes the inherent sequential nature of surveillance data capture. Chronology Storage™ redefines drive capacity, resiliency and redundancy through the elimination of non-sequential storage methodologies. With Chronology Storage™, the ability to maximize storage efficiencies is increased because of the unique data collection methodology.

Chronology Storage™ Features
1 Disk management is easier for the end user - there is no need to set up storage pools.
2 When adding cameras, hard drive space is automatically reallocated.
3 Disk drives have far superior storage retention rate.
4 Temperature, vibration and wear on disks is significantly reduced.
5 Drive heads are 'dormant' for large periods of time.
6 Disks that are not actively reading or writing remain idle.
7 Drives can be more utilitarian, lower spin rate drives.
8 Chronology™ utilizes Strand 'redundant' drive engineering.
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