System Diagram Overview

Strand's distributed solution offers a powerful solution for site-based projects with an easy transition to a future enterprise application.

Single Site Model

Strand's NVRs were developed to scale from site-based projects to an enterprise solution, as bandwidth is increased or cameras are added. All Strand NVR's offer the same feature-rich enterprise software functionality as the Enterprise Solution.

Strand's NVRs, pre-installed with Strand's Always Enterprise software management platform, are designed to effortlessly meet the needs of a single site application, while allowing for a seamless transition into a completely scalable enterprise configuration.

Progressive Benefits:

  • Unlimited, enterprise channel scalability
  • Multi-site, enterprise configuration options
  • Embedded Linux based NVR platform
  • Easy Path™ Guided Setup installation
  • Plug and play, best-of-class camera options
  • Megapixel viewing enhancements
  • Browser-based, ergonomic network appliance
  • Award-winning archive retrieval
  • Multi-level user access
  • Customizable user options
  • 24/7 remote system diagnostics
  • Scalable storage options
  • Cost-effective, innovative solutions

One site to many sites

Strand's NVR solution affords customers the flexibility to scale to an unlimited number of cameras in a single site – you’re not limited by input ports as you are with a DVR system. With a comprehensible vision of the advances in the digital IP-Surveillance industry, Strand pioneered the Navigator. Navigator is a revolutionary tool that integrates all sites under one system enabling supervision of all cameras in one location. Navigator efficiently and effectively routes requests while providing continual diagnostics data back to one centralized location ensuring optimal system performance.

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Enterprise Deployment

Strand's Enterprise Solutions fit environments that require multiple sites with many cameras and many servers.

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