industry: health care

Increasing security for patients, employees and facilities

IP-video surveillance is a proven tool for increasing security and controlling costs in hospitals and healthcare facilities. Surveillance cameras can work to protect hospital employees and patients from security breaches, and they provide valuable visual evidence that can be used to increase productivity and prevent dishonest claims. IP video technology offers hospitals the benefits of remote video monitoring, effective storage capabilities, and advanced analytical functions.

The Benefits

  • Surveillance technology helps to increase overall security and safety by preventing crimes, break-ins, and also allowing operators to watch for troubled patients and monitor for unauthorized visitors in restricted areas.
  • Navigate the existing surveillance of multiple sites anywhere in the world using a single interface.
  • Intuitive designs and controls reduce the need for complicated and costly user training.
  • Integrates with other software for simple monitoring and liability solutions.
  • Total system diagnostics available at anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Megapixel camera technology ensures that end-users get the clearest, highest-grade images and video.
  • Decrease security staffing costs by having one person or center assigned to monitor multiple levels and areas and dispatch security personnel as needed.
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