industry: government

Protecting the Homeland

Government applications of surveillance technologies can span many different uses. In addition to establishing a secure environment at government buildings and facilities, surveillance technologies are also used in temporary venues for speeches, political gatherings, and parades. As government agencies continue to emphasize the safety of our nation’s political minds and valuable resources, IP surveillance technology will continue to reassert itself as an integral precautionary measure against terrorism, security breaches, and many other threats. Using IP video technology, facilities like seaports, dams, pipelines and state buildings can be monitored remotely via the Internet. Also, advanced analytical functions made capable with IP video can help monitor areas more closely than any naked eye would be capable of.

The Benefits

  • Navigate the existing surveillance of multiple sites anywhere in the world using a single interface.
  • Intuitive designs and controls reduce the need for complicated and costly user training.
  • Integrates with other software for simple monitoring and liability solutions.
  • Total system diagnostics available at anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Megapixel camera technology ensures that end-users get the clearest, highest-grade images and video.
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