Strand NVR Series

Strand NVR Series: Overview

Whether you need video security around the clock or recording at minimal intervals, it is important that your solution be flexible enough to meet any requirement. Strand NVRs provide a resilient, cost-effective platform with room for growth from even the smallest installations. Expansion with Strand NVRs is never an issue. All Strand NVR's come with a Dual NIC Card

Best Solution Storage Form Factor Processor
Mini 4/6
Ideal for single-site solution 4TB-6TB internal storage included, depending on model Mini-ITX Intel ATOM
Ideal for single- or multi-site solution 4TB-12TB internal storage included, depending on model AV-style desktop Intel i3
Ideal for multi-site solutions with limited internal storage expansion 4TB-12TB internal storage included, depending on model 2U rack mountable, rail set not included Intel i3

Strand NVR Series: Products

Mini Series:

4 TB 6 TB

Core Series:

4 TB 6 TB 8 TB 12 TB

Professional Series:

4 TB 6 TB 8 TB 12 TB

Strand NVR Series: Benefits

Reliable, secure, open architecture

The open architecture platform utilized by Strand is renowned for its stability throughout the IP industry. Strand runs Linux on its servers and the result is creating stable and reliable surveillance networking solutions that allows for easy integration of best-of-breed hardware.

Browser based solution makes IT's job a breeze

Many IP surveillance solutions require a client to be downloaded onto every computer that will view the surveillance video. These “fat clients” perform the bulk of any data processing operations, and therefore, necessitate numerous high-end computers instead of one powerful server. Strand’s surveillance management system is a “lean client,” which designates the server to a majority of the data processing. This setup ensures stability in the surveillance system, and allows users to control their system from any location in the world without having to download client software from a CD.

Web-enabled diagnostics accessible from anywhere, anytime

Protecting the soundness of operations in a surveillance system can often be a difficult endeavor in itself. With Strand’s web-enabled reporting tools and support diagnostics, and with customized camera labels, keeping track of your surveillance operations is simplified, and enabled from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Intuitive graphical user interface – surveillance for dummies

Strand’s user-centric approach allows for quick, cost-effective training and use of their software. Intuitive controls and navigation tools make using Strand’s surveillance management software effortless even for a first-time user.

Enterprise-grade software regardless of size of system

Strand offers enterprise-grade overarching surveillance management software from the very first camera installed. Strand allows for unlimited cameras to be added and unlimited users to be defined to the system at no extra cost. Strand’s Enterprise Solution was built for practicality and functionality, allowing clients to leave scalable and modular pricing concerns behind while searching for the perfect surveillance solution.

Non-modular platform offers unlimited scalability

The addition of more cameras to most surveillance packages can prove to be a cumbersome process: modular pricing, seat licensing, and adding inputs to a receiver can unnecessarily complicate and raise the price of any surveillance package. Strand enables unlimited user profiles to be defined, and does not charge for seat licensing.

Strand NVR Series: Functionality

Enhanced Performance

  • Freedom to choose hardware
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox
  • Video Motion Detection
  • Centralized recording environment with remote management / viewing capabilities
  • Unlimited number of recording servers
  • Dual matrix configurations - individual user and video wall
  • Icon-based camera identification
  • Advanced video navigation - rate, event wrap to date / time, frame by frame search
  • Icon-based camera identification
  • Efficient express search displayed with the type of camera
  • Bookmarks provide a simplified view by displaying the type of camera
  • Customized camera compression levels
  • Recording efficiency based on camera and video encoder capabilities - no software limitations
  • Scalable maps and icons built in SVGs

Administrative Advantage

  • Password management at individual user level
  • Individual user bookmarks
  • Individual user customized matrix bookmarks
  • Multiple user skin options
  • Create or edit users
  • Assign unique Priority Levels
  • Assign unique Browser Timeout (HH:MM) at individual user level
  • Assign unique Video Timeout (HH:MM) at individual user level
  • Assign User Role to existing Camera Groups
  • View user catalog with the option to sort by attributes
  • User session logs for past 30 days
  • View user session catalog with the option to sort by attributes
  • View Active Logins with the option to sort by each attribute
  • View Alarm Event Logs posted to server
  • Automated event detection and video delivery tools
  • View Alarm Summary Page catalog with the option to sort by each attribute
  • Alarm event footage sorted by date and time
  • Incident Lockdown based on Priority Threshold

Matrix Viewing Station

  • User-authentication support
  • Add camera tiles
  • Copy camera tile rows
  • Delete camera tiles and camera tile rows
  • Resize individual camera tiles
  • Resize all camera tiles as a group
  • Assign any camera on LAN to Matrix Viewing Station
  • Toggle multiple cameras in one camera tile at assigned intervals
  • Set Viewing Station as a Remote Master
  • Set other Viewing Stations as Remote Drones
  • Create names for other monitors on network
  • Remote Master controls Remote Drones from anywhere on the LAN
  • Save Matrix Viewing Station settings as XML file to local client
  • Export Matrix XML files to other users
  • Open Matrix XML files on any LAN-based client
  • Save Remote Master settings to Remote Drones as one XML file

System Diagnostics

  • Receive Strand remote support on the server during setup
  • View released build number of the software
  • View current status of every camera
  • View current recording rate
  • View current storage usage of each camera
  • View assigned current storage of each camera
  • View current number of retention days for archived images
  • View current bandwidth of each camera
  • View System Monitor catalog with the option to sort by each attribute
  • Non-functioning cameras displayed with a red background warning
  • Camera Check displays snapshot image every 60 sec 24 / 7

Live Viewer & Archive Player

  • View cameras in resolutions from 160 x 120 to 8 megapixel
  • Control PTZ cameras remotely, also using preset positions
  • Remote PTZ Point-and-Click control
  • Remote PTZ zoom to marked rectangle
  • System stores PTZ presets in Strand’s server database
  • Create an infinite number of PTZ preset positions
  • Create PTZ patrolling sequences
  • VMD-sensitive PTZ patrolling among selected presets at camera level
  • View up to four cameras through browser Matrix VU
  • Video timeout functionality to make efficient use of bandwidth available
  • Express metadata camera search engine
  • Event-based recording
  • Multiple archives possible per day
  • Java platform to view, save and export archived image clips
  • Toggle from Archive Search to Event Search
  • One-click ability to save individual JPEGs
  • Pan, tilt and zoom in archived images
  • View archived video at different frame rates
  • View and advance frames in time segments
  • Date and time based retrieval
  • Send exported image clips to an offline user
  • Stand Alone Viewer to view exported video image clips

Strand System Setup and Camera Integration

  • Create, delete or edit User Roles
  • Create, delete or edit Camera Groups
  • Assign default Role to Camera Groups
  • Assign all cameras and floor plans to Camera Groups
  • Filter cameras and floor plans using database nomenclature
  • Move cameras from one floor plan to another
  • Delete cameras along with the storage assigned
  • View assigned storage for each camera
  • View unassigned free storage space
  • Add new floor plans to database with ease
  • Import images and assign to floor plans
  • Add nested floor plans
  • Create names for floor plans
  • Assign toolbar positions for floor plans
  • Import images to splash page
  • Check for Strand Updates online
  • Upload ISO images for updates and new version releases
  • Download and send licensing requests via email
  • Upload licensing signatures received via email
  • Create or edit admin username and password for networked cameras
  • Create or edit operator username and password for networked cameras
  • Create or edit NTP server for networked cameras
  • Create or edit HTML title for Strand System
  • Toggle between Setup Mode and User Mode
  • Search networked cameras using a subnet search
  • System search defines camera model, IP address and MAC address
  • Copy camera information to database fields
  • Assign the camera name
  • Assign camera a pull code memo
  • Assign camera fixed or PTZ icon
  • Assign camera the recording frames per second
  • Set camera with the Strand default settings
  • Assign retention days and applicable storage requirements
  • Set assigned cameras as aliases on other floor plans
  • Create or modify satellite servers
  • Attach camera icons to a grid for easy layout management
  • Use keyboard shortcuts when placing and sizing camera icons