Strand Guided Setup™

Strand’s Easy Path™ Guided Setup™ creates the Easy Path™ to product integration by defining and compartmentalizing key set up features into a succinct set up guide. This abridged set up allows for the Strand’s application functionality to be engaged in a step by step, easy to follow guide.

Guided Setup™ Features
1 Guided Setup™ simplifies system setup by using default values for the most common Strand system configuration.
2 Guided Setup™ is a step-by-step informational guide to assist with administrative setup.
3 Outlines base Strand administrative setup, including adding cameras and floorplans and applying user licenses to the system.
4 Identifies key procedures necessary to implement Chronology™ storage.
5 Novice, as well as expert, users are able to quickly and easily build a Strand system.
6 Guided Setup™ significantly decreases deployment time and complexity.

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