Strand System Diagnostics™

Strand’s robust System Diagnostics™ provides real time health monitoring of the entire camera network, cameras and server hardware. Unlike DVR’s and competitive IP video software platforms, Strand’s System Diagnostics™ utilizes the network environment and provides system status data in a summarized report. System Diagnostics™ maximizes system uptime and system ROI is greatly increased.

System Diagnostics™ Features
1 Ability to view the system health of one server or hundreds of servers over a network setup all from one screen.
2 Provides 24/7 operational status of each camera on the network.
3 Provides 24/7 network bandwidth update from each camera on the network.
4 Provides 24/7 network bandwidth update for each server on the network.
5 Prioritizes non-responding cameras for fast notification of health problem.
6 Provides archive storage days for each camera.
7 Provides updated camera images in one collective screen view from every camera on the network.
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