"When powerful computing is integrated with digital video technologies; highly functional surveillance solutions become enabled."

Strand was founded on the belief that the possibilities in the surveillance software management industry are vast given the industry expectation of convergence from analog to digital IP technologies. Strand has pioneered a 'decidedly different' digital IP software management solution that is continuously enhanced to provide our clients the opportunity to create complex surveillance management solutions to suit their everchanging needs.

Strand is widely recognized as an industry leader in IP surveillance software development and is sold and marketed through major distribution leaders. Strand's digital enterprise solution leverages the capabilities of traditional surveillance systems by combining the primitive navigation functions of analog surveillance systems with the advanced functions made possible by powerful computing and digital technologies. Strand's Enterprise Solution delivers all the benefits of a Digital-IP surveillance system: Server-based solutions keep the same functions as traditional analog systems, but offer superior controlling, usability and functionality of various operations.

Strand's customers are able to seamlessly integrate a multitude of technologically-advanced security products through our open architecture design. The industry expertise and knowledge of our development staff has allowed us to optimize the sophisticated intelligence of cutting-edge security technologies. Additionally, our forward-thinking sales team provides the highest level of support necessary to assist our clients in designing and implementing customized, high-performance solutions.

Our Mission

We allow our customers to exceed in their success by providing a reliable, intuitive, industry-leading, open architecture IP video surveillance software platform.

Our Vision

To become a leader in the development of innovative and fully integrateable IP surveillance software that exceeds the expectations of IT and security professionals.

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