Category Title Description
DemoStrand NVR ConfiguratorUsing Strand's NVR Configurator
TrainingAdding a New CameraHow to add a new camera to a Strand System.
TrainingStrand Channel Cost E-Value-atorHow to use the Channel Cost E-valuator at
TrainingDisplay Capture Storage PoolDisplay the Capture Storage Pool information for your Strand NVR.
TrainingMatrix SetupAdd matrix to user profile in Strand
TrainingGuided SetupUtilizing Strand's Guided Setup to Enable Basic NVR Controls.
DemoUser Interface OverviewOverview of Strand User interface
TrainingModify Network SettingsHow to change from the default network settings on a Strand NVR
TrainingFinding Your IP AddressThis video will show you how to find the IP address of your NVR.
TrainingRemote Access SetupThis video will show you how to setup remote access.
TrainingConfiguration Module AccessHow to access the administrative functions on Strand's NVR.
TrainingSetting Camera PasswordsSetting camera password on Strand NVRs.
TrainingDeleting a CameraHow to Delete a Camera from a Strand NVR.
TrainingRestart JobsRestarting Jobs on your Strand NVR.
TrainingAdding a MapAdding a map to a Strand NVR system.
TrainingMoving Camera to Different MapHow Assign a Camera to a Different Map on your Strand NVR.
DemoScene EnhancerHow to utilize Strand's Scene Enhancer functionality.
TrainingBookmark SetupHow to set camera and map bookmarks on the Strand NVR.
TrainingExpress SearchHow to utilize the Express Search function.
TrainingNew User SetupHow to add a new user to a Strand NVR.
TrainingUser Roles/Capabilities SetupHow to modify, add and delete user roles on a Strand NVR.
TrainingCamera Groups SetupMaintain and Assign Groups of Cameras on a Strand NVR.
TrainingModifing an Existing CameraHow to modify an existing camera on the Strand system.
TrainingRequesting and Installing Camera License(s)How to Request and Install Camera Licenses to your Strand NVR.
DemoConfiguring Motion Detection on an IP CameraGeneral instructions for Motion Detection Setup on a camera.
DemoSystem StatusThis video will demonstrate how to obtain your system status.
DemoCamera CheckThis video will demonstrate how to perform a camera check.
DemoActive SessionsThis video will demonstrate how to check your active sessions.
DemoLogin HistoryThis video will demonstrate how to view your system's login history.
DemoChange PasswordThis video will demonstrate how to change your system password.
DemoChange SkinThis video will demonstrate how to change between skins.
TrainingStrand ViewerStrand Viewer tutorial.
TrainingHow to re-install the Strand ClientTraining on how to install Strand Client.