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Strand Always Enterprise™Free Software.

Always Enterprise™ - Single site ease with multi-site flexibility... it's all about choice.

Reliable, secure, open architecture

The open architecture platform utilized by Strand is renowned for its stability throughout the IP industry. Strand utilizes the Linux OS on its NVRs thus creating stable and reliable surveillance networking solutions that allow for easy integration of best-of-breed hardware.

Browser based solution makes IT’s job a breeze

Many IP surveillance solutions require a client to be downloaded onto every computer that will view the surveillance video. These “fat clients” perform the bulk of any data processing operations, and therefore, necessitate numerous high-end computers instead of one powerful server. Strand’s surveillance management system is a “lean client,” which designates the server for a majority of the data processing. This setup ensures stability in the surveillance system, and allows users to control their system from any location in the world without having to download client software from a CD.

Web-enabled diagnostics accessible from anywhere, anytime

Protecting the soundness of operations in a surveillance system can often be a difficult endeavor in itself. With Strand’s web-enabled reporting tools and support diagnostics, and with customized camera labels, keeping track of your surveillance operations is simplified, and enabled from anywhere in the world, at any time.

Intuitive graphical user interface – surveillance for dummies

Strand’s user-centric approach allows for quick, cost-effective training and use of the software. Intuitive controls and navigation tools make using Strand’s surveillance management software effortless even for a first-time user.

Enterprise-grade software regardless of size of system

Strand offers enterprise-grade overarching surveillance management software from the very first camera installed. Strand allows for unlimited cameras to be added and unlimited users to be defined to the system at no extra cost. Strand’s Enterprise Solution was built for practicality and functionality, allowing clients to leave scalable and modular pricing concerns behind while searching for the perfect surveillance solution.

Non-modular platform offers unlimited scalability

The addition of more cameras to most surveillance packages can prove to be a cumbersome process: modular pricing, seat licensing, and adding inputs to a receiver can unnecessarily complicate and raise the price of any surveillance package. Strand enables unlimited user profiles to be defined, and does not charge for seat licensing.

Strand Camera Licenses

Strandӳ revolutionary, ergonomic software design provides a robust plug and play application for integrators and end-users alike. Strand camera licenses can be readily added for project scalablity.

Strand Camera Licenses are available for purchase in increments of 1, 4, 16, 32 and as a Site License.

Item Code License Description Pack
S-STRV Strand Camera License Single
S-STRV4 Strand Camera License 4 Pack
S-STRV16 Strand Camera License 16 Pack
S-STRV32 Strand Camera License 32 Pack
S-SITELICENSE Strand Camera License Site

Strand Enterprise Software: Benefits

Single Site Multiple Sites Campus
Enterprise Software FREE FREE FREE
Scalable Network Architecture Yes Yes Yes
Dual Drive Architecture Yes Yes Yes
Client or Console Platform Yes Yes Yes
Strand NVR or
Branded Servers
Yes Yes Yes
24/7 System Diagnostics Yes Yes Yes
Op Center™
24/7 Video Wall
Yes Yes Yes
Chronology™ or Variable Storage Yes Yes Yes
Megapixel Image Enhancement Yes Yes Yes
Mapping Yes Yes Yes
Express Camera Lookup Yes Yes Yes
Remote Support Capable Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Matrix Support Yes Yes Yes
User Roles &
Yes Yes Yes
LDAP & Active Directory Yes Yes Yes
PC or Mac Computer Yes Yes Yes
Choose Your Browser Any Any Any
User Seat Licenses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited