Strand Enterprise Navigator

Strand’s powerful Enterprise Navigator allows for distributed, stand-alone site management, while providing a ubiquitous global viewing platform reducing the need for centralized storage/bandwidth. Through a single map interface, users are able to seamlessly view an overarching enterprise map from one server location with the ability to drill down to individual distributed server sites.

Enterprise Navigator Features
1 Full navigation from remote sites through one login and URL.
2 Centralized processing of enterprise server diagnostics compiled in system-wide health summary report featuring issue prioritization.
3 Quick view site status reports.
4 Centralized video storage is reduced while allowing for an enterprise-grade user experience.
5 Bandwidth maximization can be maintained through the use of distributed network architecture with full access to enterprise data.
6 Mapping components can be nested in multiple formats, including country, region, state, city or campus.
7 Unlimited site connectivity.
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