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When Strand receives a question or comment regarding our products an services we feel it is important to share our responses with all of our customers. This section contains infomration collected from the experiences of the Strand Sales and Support Teams in response to questions recived from our users.

Please note that a specific question or response may apply to specific software versions or products.

If your question is not listed, complete and submit the Issue Report and we will add it to the list in the order received.

What file format can I upload for the mapping can I upload to use for Strand’s mapping?

Strand will provide complimentary maps for your building or campus in png or svg format. But if you would like to load your own maps, here are few considerations:

  • Use a web image format like a png, svg or jpeg.
  • Adjust the size of the image to fit your viewing station.
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What camera and network variables will System Status monitor and report?

System Status will monitor the following:

  • Expected FPS
  • Actual FPS
  • Hard Drive Status
  • Storage Retention Days
  • Camera Bandwidth
  • Server Bandwidth
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How does Strand license the cameras on my system?

Strand does not license a camera by its MAC code, but licenses systems by the quantity of cameras. If a camera goes down and needs to be replaced, you can put a new camera in its place and you will not have to reregister the camera.

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Why is there no operating system required when ordering an approved Strand server?

Strand aligns our software platform with the Linux Operating System and embeds the operating system directly in the Strand platform, eliminating costly OS licensing fees and patches, creating a resilient server appliance.

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How much training is needed to operate the Strand software management platform?

Strand was ergonomically designed to greatly reduce the need for extensive training.  Strand's Easy Path functionality ensures intuitive functionality for all user levels.

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Can Strand connect multiple sites through one interface?

Yes, with Strands Site Navigator all sites can be managed through one seamless interface.

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Does Strand offer system diagnostics as a core component of the software?

Yes, Strand's network centric design provides a detailed system health status allowing for administrative access to total system performance.

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Does the Strand Client application need to be manually installed on each client PC?

No. All a user needs is the IP address of the Strand server, their User ID and Password.  The user enters the IP address into the address bar of their browser, the browser will download and install a small Java app from the server, and then will prompt the user for their User ID and Password.  Once the user has done this once, a desktop Icon is created on their desktop.  For future access, the user can just double click on the desktop icon and enter their User ID and Password.

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What Camera Brands are supported by Strand?

Currently Strand supports cameras from the following manufacturers: ACTi, Arecont Vision, Axis, D-Link, JVC, Panasonic, Pelco, Sony, Toshiba, and Zavio.  Strand is always working to support more cameras.  Please check with your Strand Sales representative for specific models.

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I have geographically distributed facilities that require surveillance, but I need to be able to manage the surveillance from a central point.  How can Strand help me accomplish this goal?

Strand's Enterprise surveillance solution allows users to record locally at many distributed locations, and using Strand's Satellite Navigator design, manage all of those locations from a single client login.

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What are the primary advantages of IP video solutions over traditional Analog solutions?

The major advantages are image quality, scalability, and flexible infrastructure.  IP solutions provide progressive scan images rather than interlaced images for more accurate images with greatly reduced motion blur.  IP solutions offer high resolution (Megapixel and multi Megapixel) images that analog can't.  IP solutions are highly scalable (Strand offers unlimited scalability).  IP solutions can share network infrastructure with other systems and provide power and data over a single cable.

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What tools does Strand provide for monitoring the health of the system?

Strand provides a diagnostic section through the Strand client that allows an authorized user to get a snapshot of all cameras on the system using Strand's camera check, and also, Strand provides a system status page that provides up to the minute diagnostic data on each camera on the system.

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What is the difference between DNA and Enterprise?

DNA is an all inclusive pricing model that includes: server, hard drives, 1 year Service & Support, and 8, 12, or 24 software licenses. DNA does not allow for multiple maps or Navigator capability without the use of the Strand Navigator.  The Strand Enterprise software is completely scalable with unlimited mapping and navigating capabilities. Server and storage must be supplied and software licenses are sold on a per camera basis.

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What analytics does Strand offer?

Strand utilizes technology that is "on the edge".  Strand maximizes the capabilities and technologies that are existing on the cameras. Strand marries to most of the capabilities that are present on IP cameras that are supported by Strand.  Please contact Strand for questions in regards to specific functions.

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Can I record my cameras on motion?

Strand does have the capability of record on motion detection. As long as the camera that is being used has the capability to record on motion, then Strand can utilize that technology to set up motion recording in the Strand software.  However, Strand does not record video strictly on motion.  To ensure that vital video does not go unrecorded and to maintain a healthy system status in the diagnostics. Strand records at least at the minimum frame rate at all times.  Strand does have the ability to record at a higher frame rate at the moment that motion is detected for archival review.

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Can Strand utilize my active directory with existing passwords?

Yes.  Strand has the ability to tie in to your LDAP directories.

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What type of file does my map need to be in order for Strand to convert it and bring it on the system?

Strand can use many different file types, PDF is preferable.  Strand then will convert the file into a PNG vector graphic.  The reason that Strand uses the PNG file is for its ability to load quickly and web friendly vector graphics.

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How is Strand priced?

Strand is priced in a non-modular manner.  All functionality is inclusive and ALL software is Enterprise grade.  No base licensing fee, no add-on's.  Strand is sold on a single license basis.

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What does the Strand Service and Support Agreement include?

Under the contractual Service and Support Agreement with the customer, Strand will:

  • Provide telephone support to the customer contact as specified in this agreement between normal business hours from 8:00am to 5:00 pm CST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends.
  • Provide remote Software upgrades within 30 days of release.
  • Promptly repair or replace (at our option and expense) any failure of the Software to conform to or perform according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • If Strand is unable to repair the Software after a reasonable number of attempts, customer is provided replacement Software.
  • For major malfunctions, after receiving notification, Strand will use best efforts to have a technician working on the software within twenty-four (24) hours during regular business hours.
  • Business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays and weekends to complete the repairs as soon as practicable.
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