industry: corporate

Providing options for commercial applications

Commercial installations of IP-video technology can help secure assets, manage operations, and reduce threats such as vandalism, theft, and terrorist attacks. Administrative buildings, warehouses and labs are often developed in clusters, leaving those monitoring the facilities with a daunting task. With the installation of IP video technology, multiple facilities can be monitored from one interface remotely from any location in the world. The advanced functions and capabilities that can be integrated with IP video can have a significant impact on the cost effectiveness of any firm’s operations.

The Benefits

  • Integrates with metadata tracking for advanced monitoring and liability assurance.
  • Navigate the existing surveillance of multiple sites anywhere in the world using a single interface.
  • Security experts can monitor multiple venues from any computer in the world with Internet capabilities and a web browser.
  • Intuitive designs and controls reduce the need for complicated and costly user training.
  • Integrates easily with access control systems for advanced monitoring and liability assurance.
  • Total system diagnostics available at anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Megapixel camera technology ensures that end-users get the clearest, highest-grade images and video.
  • Decrease security staffing costs by having one person or center assigned to monitor bank branches and dispatch security personnel as needed.
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