Always Enterprise™

Strand Enterprise Software: Basic, Enterprise & Corporate all-in-one application! Strand's non-modular, Layered Application Interface allows for multi-level architectural system dynamics. Strand's design components incorporate essential application functionality for stand-alone applications while seamlessly affording Strand customers the ability to meet the needs of the most demanding multi-site Enterprise environments.

Whether designed for a 4-channel application or an application consisting of thousands of channels, Strand is THE Always Enterprise™ solution.

Powerful and Professional

For businesses and organizations that depend on surveillance to secure safety, liability, and general monitoring issues, Strand's solutions overcome the limitations of traditional analog surveillance systems. Designed to adapt and evolve with the rapid advancements in computing and digital a/v technologies, Strand constantly aims to integrate their surveillance management software with the newest and most practical technologies.

Cost Effective

By reducing costly modular and scale sensitive pricing, improving accessibility and functionality of surveillance management software, integrating with third party data systems, and combining with best-of-breed hardware, Strand is changing the way people think of surveillance technology.