Strand IP video: concept

As the accessibility of powerful video surveillance computing technologies increases, emphasis on hardware & software with practical functionality and intuitive design continues to increase.

Strand’s company-wide commitment to develop a solution that is continuously enhanced and modified to meet the ever-changing technology standards is a crucial priority for Strand. Strand’s, Linux-based, ergonomically-designed, scalable platform allows for ease of integration and customization based on each customer’s specific application needs.

Strand provides exceptional value in utilizing and enhancing existing surveillance application infrastructure through the seamless integration of Strand’s ever-evolving, future-proof surveillance products. Strand expects and maintains the highest standard of quality in our surveillance products and prides itself as the world’s foremost customer service oriented digital IP surveillance manufacturer.

Increased Image Quality

As digital surveillance technologies became more accessible, analog systems adopted many of the same hardware components as the digital systems, but analog systems failed to integrate the advanced functions and operations from the digital solutions.

Strand’s event-wrap feature allows for quick search and retrieval functionality that is leading the industry in video search and retrieval. With the click of a mouse you are able to retrieve clear, quality images. With the use of a simple converter your traditional analog system can operate seamlessly with the Strand solutions.

  • Search and export video images
  • Integrate with 3rd party solutions
  • Access live and archived images remotely
  • 24/7 system diagnostics
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