Strand Lineage Series

Strand Lineage Series: Overview

The Lineage platform eliminates much of the guess work associated with IP design. Stand's Lineage servers are purpose built to meet or exceed the exacting requirements of multiple VMS applications such as Pelco's Digital Sentry and Milestone.

With Lineage the is no need to purchase one server for the VMS client and another for storage. Lineage servers are optimized for both video storage and displaying surveillance video. Each box is complete with everything you need to load and view a VMS application.

Best Solution Storage Form Factor Processor
L-1 & L-2 Ideal for single, small application 1TB-2TB internal storage included, depending on model Mini-ITX Intel Core i3 550 or
Intel Core i5-650
based on model
L-4 Ideal for mid-size application 4TB internal storage included, depending on model AV-style desktop Intel Core i5-750
L-6 & L-12 Ideal for multi-site solutions with large capacity internal storage expansion 6TB-12TB swappable storage included, depending on model 2U rack mountable,
rail set not included
Intel Core i5-750 or
Intel Core i7-860
based on model

Strand Lineage Series: Products

Strand Lineage Series: Benefits

  • Dual capacity as recording server and client interface
  • Compatible with multiple VMS applications
  • Progressive cpaacity form factors
  • Featuring Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors
  • HDMI and DVI outputs
  • PCIE video card with dedicated 1 GB video memory
  • Windows 7 Professional 32-bit OS software
  • RAID-5 supported models
  • Hot Swappable HDD configuration options